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App Marketing Booster Package

App Marketing Booster Package - Click 'N' Colour

App Marketing Booster Package - Click 'N' Colour

We have recently trialled a new method of boosting the performance of apps that have been released in the iTunes App Store.

The trial was successful beyond even our own predictions - boosting the number of downloads of the target app (Click 'N' Colour for iPhone) from 121 units per day to 4,534 per day within 2 days.

Within a week of the trial starting, more than 30,000 users had downloaded the app, and many of those users subsequently bought items from the in-app purchase options.

The app achieved a top 27 of all apps in the Australian iTunes App Store, and several other notable positions (including a spot for several days in the "New and Noteworthy" section on the front-page).

Exactly how does it work ?

Our competitors would love to know too (and we're not about to tell them!).

Contact us to find out how we could help boost your new (or existing) iPad/iPhone/Android App into the limelight.