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Aussie Made: Support, Strategic Consultancy and Development

Who are we, and what do we do ?

We are an Australian application support and development business with experience spanning 2 decades of continuous service to our small business, corporate, and government clients.

Our team prides itself on discovering clever solutions that leverage existing services within your business to add new dimensions to your own internal and external service offerings.

We do this by applying our extensive experience in Systems and Business Analysis, which often include some of the following components:

  • Wishlisting vs current capabilities
  • Workflow/process analysis & rationalisation (contextualised within non-tech and tech roadmap)
  • Discover / Assess / Prioritise opportunities & business drivers
  • Code Review
  • Roadmapping (Tech, Business Opportunities, Featuresets ...)
  • Rollout Staging / Change Management (Human Resources, Tech stacks, Applications)


And we deal with the "Innovate and Integrate" aspects of Legacy Systems Augmentation, including:

  • Middleware for 3rd party integration
  • API development for service exposure
  • Exposure of services to external users (mobile and web application development)
  • Pre-rolled platform (3rd party) integrations (e.g. Xero, Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, PB ciSUITE:, QuickBooks, Sage, SAP)

ACS - Australian Cloud Servers

Australian Cloud Servers (ACS)

Australian Cloud Servers - Hosting and Co-location

Through our 20+ years of experience, ACS delivers and manages hosting solutions including:

  • Private cloud
  • Co-location (server and other network infrastructure)
  • Multi-tenant shared solutions (from basic website hosting to Secure Managed WordPress Hosting)
  • Dedicated "bare-metal" hosting solutions for truly powerful pre-scaled performance
  • Cloud hosting on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, Salesforce, Alibaba Cloud and many other public cloud platforms
  • Hybrid solutions for everything in-between

Our technology mix and extensive experience make us the obvious partner to help you navigate the best options for your own evolving hosting needs.

ciSUITE: Business Apps and Website Content Management

ciSUITE: Business Apps and Website Content Management

ciSUITE: Business Apps and Website Content Management

ciSUITE: is a world-class proprietary Content Management System (CMS) designed for rapid development and unlimited design flexibility.

As a website CMS, ciSUITE: is intuitive and fast ... the ideal tool to make changes to the contents of your website with a minimum of effort. Whether you're using a web browser or our free iOS / Android apps, every content change from basic text and images to reshaping your site taxonomy is easy.

And using ciSUITE: as a Command-and-Control management platform for custom business apps (iOS / Android / web) moves that power into an entirely new realm. Business Apps Powered by ciSUITE: is the ultimate platform for rapid deployment of standalone and integrated mobile applications.


Promotion - COVID Vaccination Discounts!!!

Have the vax, Lose the tax

Have the vax, lose the tax

As a business, we believe in social engagement and doing the right thing within our community, so we're putting our money where our mouths are and we're running a special promotion to help get Australia back to normal.

Across all of our major brands (Creative Intersection, ciSUITE:, and ACS), we are offering a 10% discount if half of your business management team has had a COVID jab.

If your management team have all had both jabs, we're doubling that discount to 20%.

For ACS, this means 10% or 20% discount on new hosting - FOR LIFE!!. That's not only a great metaphor but an excellent deal for your business hosting.

And for Creative Intersection & ciSUITE:, it means 10% or 20% discount on new app or web development projects (either bespoke solutions or "Powered by ciSUITE:" solutions).

Sign on (and get ready to prove your vaccination status) straight away to secure these offers. We will only keep these going until Australia has had enough vaccinations to get safe as a community.

Download our Media Release.


(BTW: If you're an anti-vaxxer or science-denier, sorry - we won't rewards that sort of behaviour).