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Aussie Made: Support, Strategic Consultancy and Development

Who are we, and what do we do ?

Creative Intersection provides consultancy and action to modernise your business, processes, and infrastructure

Consultancy and Action - Creative Intersection

We are an Australian firm of software development experts and consultants who have a wealth of experience in business process analysis, action, and systems modification.

We help businesses and enterprises to improve process quality, accountability, and consistency.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced software developers who are passionate about their work.

We are a trusted and reliable partner for businesses who want to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Our "Four Pieces" approach applies in some way to most businesses, giving options for straight-forward action (building or fixing a piece of technology/software) or deeper analysis and process consultancy to improve the business at a more core level.


ACS - Australian Cloud Servers

Australian Cloud Servers (ACS)

Australian Cloud Servers - Hosting and Co-location

Through our 20+ years of experience, ACS delivers and manages hosting solutions including:

  • Private cloud
  • Co-location (server and other network infrastructure)
  • Multi-tenant shared solutions (from basic website hosting to Secure Managed WordPress Hosting)
  • Dedicated "bare-metal" hosting solutions for truly powerful pre-scaled performance
  • Cloud hosting on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, Salesforce, Alibaba Cloud and many other public cloud platforms
  • Hybrid solutions for everything in-between

Our technology mix and extensive experience make us the obvious partner to help you navigate the best options for your own evolving hosting needs.

ciSUITE: Business Apps and Website Content Management

ciSUITE: Business Apps and Website Content Management

ciSUITE: Business Apps and Website Content Management

ciSUITE: is a world-class proprietary Content Management System (CMS) designed for rapid development and unlimited design flexibility.

As a website CMS, ciSUITE: is intuitive and fast ... the ideal tool to make changes to the contents of your website with a minimum of effort and zero design skills. Whether you're using a web browser or our free iOS / Android apps, every content change from basic text and images to reshaping your site taxonomy is easy.

And using ciSUITE: as a Command-and-Control management platform for custom business apps (iOS / Android / web) moves that power into an entirely new realm. Business Apps Powered by ciSUITE: is the ultimate platform for rapid deployment of standalone and integrated mobile applications.

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