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ciSUITE: Content Management System

These days, it is widely recognised that websites with a particular goal or business outcome must present interesting, relevant information to users in order to make a impact and encourage repeat visits.

In essence, websites need to be "resources" for users, in contrast with the "brochure-ware" websites that are little more than an online version of a company's printed brochure.

Why use a CMS ?

Ongoing costs are often the largest liability with resource-style websites, as often web developers need to update the information on behalf of the content creator (i.e. the person who writes the message).

Content Management Systems (CMS), such as ciSUITE: overcome this issue by giving non-specialist administrators the ability to make alterations to the content of their website.

ciSUITE: is a particularly flexible type of CMS, allowing expansion beyond the original scope of a simple Content Managed website. Many modules and customisation options are available to help you achieve your business outcomes.

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Open Source or High Security ?

Pick one ... because you can't have both!

Your average website designer will sell you on the idea of an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) such as "Joomla!", "WordPress", or "Drupal".

These are all free and easy for designers to use and implement - so they look great in front of you and you feel good about being able to change the content of your website without having to pay them to do it all the time.

Unfortunately for your business, they are also incredibly insecure and prone to automated hacking because the source code of the base system and all of its attached plugins (such as gallery slideshows) is known to millions of developers around the world .... and some of those folks want to take over your website and do nasty things with it.

ciSUITE: is different because we have Closed Source ... so only our own people know how it works behind the scenes and we tend not to tell hackers how to get in ... and you still don't have to pay us to make changes to the content of your website because you do it yourself after just a short training session from our experts.