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We make apps for Android & iOS.

Check out some examples of our work.

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Mobile App Development

FreeCamp mobile app

An example of our work: FreeCamp mobile app

We can take your app idea from the very earliest stages right through to release to a global audience.

App development has been a major part of our business since 2010 - so we have vast experience in creating commercial-grade apps for entrepreneurs, small business and international corporations.

Unlike many of our competitors, to maintain the highest quality in everything we do, our expert team performs all development work ourselves, right here in our Brisbane office.

In most cases, we also create the clever back-ends that power "connected" apps, and can provide one-stop hosting for those same services on our enterprise-grade Australian onshore servers.

As you can tell, we also know how to speak with real people and not just other nerds, so give our Managing Director, Ian a call on 1300 853 868, or complete our Inquiry Form so we can start a conversation about your big idea.

What's Your Big Idea?

There is a growing trend for businesses to roll out small purpose-built apps for their workers (for instant on-site timesheeting, safety checklists, etc), and we are making this a significant focus of our business right now.

Or, maybe your sights are set on delivering the next big thing to the billions of mobile app users on the global stage.

... or something in-between.

We can arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your idea (which we can cover under an NDA*), and share our professional advice and expertise with you.

We maintain a comprehensive suite of devices in-house, including iPhones, iPads; Android Handsets and Tablets; wearables (Apple Watch, Android Wear watches etc); and TV-based devices such as the latest generation of Apple TV. We use these devices for testing and demonstrations.

Check out some examples of our past app development to see if our work measures up to your expectations.

* To make you feel comfortable that your Intellectual property is safe with us, we're happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before we start to discuss your idea ... and we can use your NDA or our own pro-forma one.