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Legacy System Augmentation for Business

Most traditional businesses can benefit from process modernisation

Leveraging our two decades of accumulated knowledge about our clients' business processes, Creative Intersection offers a range of services to help identify any parts of your business workflows that can be improved or optimised for better consumption by stakeholders.

Our "Innovate & Integrate" methodology helps identify and create ways in which your existing systems can be augmented in order to modernise their delivery where appropriate.

The key tenant of our philosophy is that we aren't a wrecking ball! ... every business has legacy systems (such as accounting or production systems) that are working fine for that business as a core function. They needn't be removed in order for more modern features to be made accessible.

For example, a manufacturing production system can remain unaltered to keep the place running - but still have a custom service built to the side that allows suppliers and customers to keep track of orders via their web browsers, mobile apps, or their own legacy systems.

In many cases, there are existing 3rd party solutions that can be deployed to solve a particular problem ... so our role becomes identifying where such solutions can be applied, and which solutions are fit for purpose.