Australian Made and Owned

Like Vegemite and industrial-strength sunscreen,
we're Aussie through-and-through.

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Australian Made and Owned

Creative Intersection Australian Made and Owned

Our home-grown Content Management System (CMS) for web and app management, ciSUITE:, is approved to carry the coveted Australian Made and Owned logo.

Our development team has worked on this product (and many others) over the years from our office in Brisbane, and ciSUITE: has powered a huge number of websites since 2003 when it was in its infancy.

Unlike many open-source CMS platforms (such as Joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress), ciSUITE: is inherently safer because we protect our source code from the prying eyes of nasty hackers. In fact, we are often asked to take open-source CMS sites that are repeatedly hacked and migrate them to our more secure ciSUITE: platform.

AssessPal is another of our products formally licensed to carry the Australian Made and Owned logo.

All of our other services such as Mobile App Development and ongoing support are also performed by our own in-house designers, developers, analysts, and testers - all of whom are right here - in our Brisbane office. 

Why do we do all of our own work in-house in Brisbane ?

We don't offshore our work

We don't offshore our work

We're often told by prospective clients that our competitors have admitted to offshoring their clients' work because "that's just how it's done these days".

We disagree with that statement.

Every business person has to work out how they can best create a sustainable business that services their clients expectations of reasonable prices and quality of work - and of course make sure that their own business can remain profitable whilst doing so.

Our management team's view is that you can take the easy route and hire cheap labour located at a long distance from your business and customers ... OR ... you can build a business around likeminded, local talent that may cost vastly more than outsourcing offshore but will help you maintain the highest levels of quality, responsiveness, and insight into our clients' needs.

We obviously have chosen the latter, and our track record of more than 2 decades in the tech industry building a rock-solid reputation for consistency and resilience tells us we made the right choice.