Bakery Management System

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Run your bakery with ease

Run your business like a Cake Boss(!!) with constantly updated order information

Through our consulting services and "Business Apps Powered by ciSUITE:", we can quickly and cost-effectively give you a simple, effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for your small commercial bakery (we also handle large, complicated systems for when you go global!).

The basic features we offer straight out of the box include:

  1. Receive orders directly from your existing online store (Shopify, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, WordPress or any other platform)

  2. Each station (baker, filler/decorator, packer, delivery/counter etc) can view the required components and processes needed for their stage of  your manufacturing and delivery process

  3. Each station passes the order forward to the next stage, giving a progress overview of your entire operation every minute of the day

  4. Printing of tickets and delivery dockets to thermal printers is integrated to help you track custom orders

  5. Rolling stocktakes ensure up-to-the-minute awareness and plan-forward for baking and other stock BEFORE it's needed

  6. Staff can place stock requests for management to approve and action

  7. Integrated ability to include your own reference videos for staff to check decoration details on each product

Lots of customisation and functionality unique to your business is possible too ... that's what we do! :-)

Read our Client Story about what we did for Cute Cakes & Co's business in Brisbane.

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