Mobile App Examples

We like to keep busy .... and over the years, we have built a lot of Android and iOS apps.

Check out some of our handiwork below ....

Aussie Made: Support, Strategic Consultancy and Development

Regular staff presentations keep us on our toes

Regular staff presentations keep us on our toes

We are truly humbled by the trust that is constantly being placed in us by so many startups, established businesses, and individuals either wanting to have a go at becoming the next international App Sensation or to help ease a pain-point in their business or personal lives.

We sit comfortably in the "mid-tier" space as an application development partner ... in that we're not one of those uncaring code-mills blindly churning out apps day-in and day-out, but we're still large enough to handle any challenge with cutting edge smarts and a personal touch.

Our team consists of about a dozen expert staff from analysts, database and server experts through to application developers and testers - which we feel is an ideal size for our way of doing things.

Whether you're in the very earliest stages of investigating an idea, or need help taking an existing app to the next level, we're keen to help - so start the conversation by clicking the "Live Chat" to the right of this page; give us a call during office hours; or shoot us an email via our Contact Us page.

Example: Majong 3D Pro

Majong 3D Pro

Majong 3D Pro

In a bit of a departure from our usual business-centric mobile app development, we have recently enjoyed taking a walk on the "Game side" by creating this brilliant 3D version of the classic Majong game for one of our clients.

Initially built for iPhone and iPad, this game is a bunch of fun with unlimited levels of increasing difficulty.

Download the app for free for iOS.

Example: iDfish

iDfish Recreational Fishing Reference App

iDfish Recreational Fishing Reference App

iDfish is a massive app, representing some 5,000 hours of development work by Creative Intersection's team and countless thousands of hours of research performed by our clients.

iDfish is the only premium recreational fishing app in Australia and launched in mid 2016 on the Google Play Store (for Android handsets and tablets) and on the iTunes App Store (for iPhone and iPad).

This app includes a huge administration system for our clients to manage every aspect of the data that drives the app (fish species, images, catch limits etc).

You can download a copy for iOS or Android.

Example: WorkSafe Guardian

WorkSafe Guardian App

WorkSafe Guardian

WorkSafe Guardian is a great security service powered by technology developed by Creative Intersection.

Using real people in a control room, lone workers and vulnerable members of the community can be kept safe as they go about their business and daily lives.

The system includes a realtime monitoring and alerts service used by our client's personnel in addition to the iOS and Android handset apps that handle the in-field monitoring.

Visit the site to find out more.

Example: Team Danny Green

Team Danny Green App

Team Danny Green

Four-time World Champion Professional Boxer, Danny Green wants to help you get fit and healthy ... and Creative Intersection helps him do that with our backend management, user login system, billing/subscription integration, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android handsets.

Scheduled messaging, motivational videos, recipes, exercise programs, and progress tracking are all a big part of this complex, integrated system.

Example: 50-50 Foundation

50-50 Foundation App

50-50 Foundation

The charitable efforts of 50-50 Foundation are near and dear to our hearts, and so our ongoing support for the tech behind the scenes of this amazing charity is our pleasure and honour.

The idea is for raffle ticket sellers to walk around sporting stadiums (Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium is the first one) and sell tickets using iPads and bluetooth printers connected to a pair of custom-built servers that track all sales and perform the draw at the end of the game.

The winner receives 50% and the chosen charity receives the other 50%.

In the first 4 years, we helped 50-50 Foundation reach $1 million in sales.

ApreSkin you

ApreSkin you App

ApreSkin you

"ApreSkin you" is one of our recent forays into apps in which Creative Intersection owns a stake.

ApreSkin you lets you mark locations on a realistic 3D model relating to where you have moles or other potentially serious blemishes on your own skin and then take pictures to accompany that location.

Over time, you can take more pictures of each location and compare them to see what has changed. This is an important early step to preventing skin cancers, and ApreSkin you helps you stay alert to these sorts of changes in your skin.

Show the pictures to your GP or dermatologist at your next visit and it can help them render a more accurate opinion on the progression of any skin conditions that you may have.

We think the concept is pretty cool and hope that it can make an impact in skin cancer prevention by increasing awareness and monitoring.

A few more of our apps ....

ApreSkin (iOS | Tablets)


FreeCamp (iOS & Android | Handsets & Tablets)


Patching Pirate (iOS & Android | Handsets & Tablets | Web)

Patching Pirate

Out2Nite (iOS & Android | Handsets)


Rosa, Gypsy Teller (iOS | Handsets & Tablets)

Rosa, Gypsy Teller

Reports2Go (iOS | Tablets)


Scratch Golf (iOS | Handsets | Web)

Scratch Golf

CSR Gyprock (iOS & Android | Handsets & Tablets)

CSR Gyprock

Rondo Building Services (iOS & Android | Handsets & Tablets)

Rondo Building Services

Phonics Helper (iOS | Handsets)

Phonics Helper

Moovosity (iOS | Handsets & Tablets)

Moovosity app

ciSUITE: Administrator (iOS & Android | Handsets & Tablets | Web)

ciSUITE: Administrator app

Pocket Keez (iOS & Android | Handsets & Tablets | Web)

Pocket Keez app

Agent Genie (iOS & Android | Handsets & Tablets | Web)

Agent Genie