Qld Govt Business Boost Grants for Small Business

Queensland Government Business Boost Grants
Starting 30 July 2021!
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Up to $15K in a Government Grant to increase efficiency and productivity

The Queensland State Government have made available funding for small businesses (with turnover of $300-600K last Financial Year, 2020-21) to help them to "advance improvements in their efficiency and productivity".

The initiative is called the Business Boost Grants Program.

These are grants of between $7,500 and $15,000.00 paid to you by Qld Government. The grant does require a 30%+ contribution by your business to the overall project.

The funds can be used towards the following (we have highlighted services with which we can help):

  • Future planning
  • Specialised and automated software
  • Staff management, development and planning

Improve your business NOW!

If you have a small business with less than 20 employees, with an ABN, are headquartered in Queensland, and a turnover of $300K to $600K in the financial year just finished (2020-21) ... you could get a leg-up from the government for things like:

  • Planning your next IT move (e.g. for better flexibility; to safeguard against malware attacks; for better performance)
  • private mobile app or website for your workers to perform their jobs better or remotely (e.g. a timesheeting or safety checklist app)
  • A mobile app for iOS or Android to help your customers engage with your business
  • Implementing automation (by way of new processes, algorithms, and integrations between systems) within your manufacturing or business operations processes
  • Training or consultancy for yourself or your staff to learn how to use technology better for your business

What do I do to apply ?

It's easy ....

  1. Talk to us (tap here or the "Chat" button to the right) to work out costs and what's possible
  2. Go to the Qld Government Business Boost Grant page and check your eligibility (and apply)
  3. Wait for a decision
  4. Make your business smarter! :-)

To help you take advantage of this initiative, we have come up with some excellent options that fall well within the grant budget to give you the best bang for your government buck!

The funding round is active from 9am Friday 30/7/21, and will finish once all funds have been exhausted, so if you're interested in improving your business, give us a shout and also check out the Business Boost Grant web page.

And don't forget: if you have a mobile app or web application idea you may like to apply for our very own Creative Intersection "Bright Idea Grant" for app ideas