QuickCheck App

Designed for a COVID-Safe world

Aussie Made: Support, Strategic Consultancy and Development

QuickCheck - A survey app for COVID-19 Safety and beyond

The QuickCheck app is designed to help businesses deploy surveys for staff to report on health and operational issues.

If your business has a temperature checking station for staff and regular visitors, the QuickCheck App allows them to log their current status using their own account.

Other aspects of business can be surveyed as well, making QuickCheck an easy choice for other data logging activities such as Odometer readings and equipment information, as well as timesheets and safety forms.

All submitted data is timestamped and linked to a user's unique account; and surveys can be configured to include geo-location data (opt-in by the user).

Reports of all captured data can be generated and exported for use in popular software such as Microsoft Excel.

Check out the QuickCheck App for iOS and Android here.