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Creative Intersection's Bright Idea Grant

Bright Idea Grant for app and web ideas

Bright Idea Grant - launching soon

At Creative Intersection, we have been fortunate and blessed to have been trusted and given a "fair go" to prove ourselves to our customers for nearly two decades.

... and now the time has come for us to put our money where our mouthes are, and give a bunch of opportunities to everyday folks with good ideas and a desire to have a go.

If you have a good idea that's suited for apps or the web, you will soon be able to apply for a Creative Intersection Bright Idea Grant (CI-BIG) worth up to $10,000 in consultancy fees and technical mentoring.

We have developed hundreds of mobile apps and web applications, and you can now have a chance to tap into that vast experience to help get your own idea off the ground.

This Is BIG !!!

The Creative Intersection Bright Idea Grant is specifically aimed at app ideas, web applications, online business ideas, and generally pushing the boundaries of "normal". 

If your idea is to build another eBay, or Twitter, or Facebook, or Tinder ... we're probably not likely to find that as exciting or groundbreaking as you do.  Sorry!

But if you think you may have a new way of helping out a business or a person to do something smarter or better or cheaper or faster ... or just in a more modern and disruptive way and you can imagine a market for it ... then you're who we want to hear from for the Bright Idea Grant.

This is a private grant for app and web ideas. The successful applicant will receive in-kind services and mentoring provided by the app experts at Creative Intersection Pty Ltd, following a competitive pitch against your peers.

Applications Open Very Soon!

Each quarter starting October 2018 we will be awarding the BIG to one startup or budding entrepreneur (or appreneur, mumpreneur, ... any kind of 'preneur really!) to help them get their idea to a prototype or investment-pitch-ready stage.

Your application will be treated confidentially and securely (this is what we do, after all - so we will keep your idea safe).

Best of all, this is a grant and not angel investment ... so we won't be making you hand over shares in your venture.

Watch this space for the launch of the Creative Intersection Bright Idea Grant and how to apply.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this just contact us.