Protect Your Ideas

Your big idea deserves a development partner that you can trust.
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Protect Your Ideas

Whether you have an idea for the next big mobile game sensation, or are looking to reduce cost in your business by creating a mobile application, one of the most important things to consider is the integrity of the businesses and individuals with whom you partner to execute your idea.

Choose wisely and you can move forward with confidence.

Choose carelessly and you may find your idea ends up in someone's hands and all you are left with is a lost opportunity and many regrets.

Creative Intersection has more than 15 years history of integrity and a reputation for looking out for our clients' best interests. We have developed a number of ways to help ensure that your idea is safe with us.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This is a tried-and-true way of protecting your interest by entering into a simple contract with your potential development partners (us) to keep in confidence anything that is discussed between our two parties.

Our standard NDA is, in fact, bi-directional. This allows us to share some of our considerable accumulated knowledge without the same fears that you might have about sharing proprietary information with us.

Once under NDA, we can all speak openly about ideas that ultimately may (or may not) lead to your application being designed and developed by Creative Intersection.

Staff Confidentiality Agreements

Our staff take your privacy as seriously as our company does.

Therefore, all staff members and contractors who enter our office must agree to and sign a strict Confidentiality Agreement to guarantee that the Non-Disclosure Agreement you execute with us extends to our staff.

We Never Offshore Our Development

Many application developers (and web designers, for that matter) outsource parts or all of the work offshore.

Whilst good work can often be achieved by doing so, if we can't touch our developers and designers, we can't guarantee that your ideas are absolutely safe.

Therefore Creative Intersection never sends work offshore and we never outsource our development work to anyone outside our own office.

Of course, if you have existing relationships in place that require components to be created by third parties, then we're more than happy to work with them regardless of their location.