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Platform Agnostic applications by Creative Intersection
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Platform Agnostic Mobile Applications

Platform Agnostic mobile applications

Platform Agnostic mobile applications

One of the global trends in which Creative Intersection is a proven leader is the concept of "Platform Agnostic" applications - which broadly mean programs which can work on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as desktop computers and laptops.

When building business-driven applications (whether they be for mass-consumption via things like the iTunes App Store or Android Market; or for internal use within your business or Government department), it is often crucial that your app(lication) can be guaranteed to have a life beyond a single platform or device.

Let's imagine for a second that your Sales Team's shiny new Samsung Tablet collection became redundant technology (and it will, just like your iPad collection did a year or two ago). If you had invested years of effort and tens of thousands of dollars into building a business application that helps your business achieve success ... what would you do?

You would probably lament that you hadn't thought about it before, and then realise that you could have made a decision years earlier to make sure that your application had the option of being "Platform Agnostic", even if you didn't directly invest in making that happen at the time.

Moreover, with the move "to the cloud" and the ever-green gem of "Web 2.0", where more and more business functionality happens online, doesn't it make sense to have your business applications be able to function equally well regardless of the platform (or device) from which they are accessed ?

So how do you go about making a Platform Agnostic application for your business ?

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