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Ticketing and time/location passes made easy.
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Apple Passbook Pass Generation and Brokerage Service

Apple's Passbook Passes can help promote your store and gain customer loyalty

Promote your brand and gain customer loyalty

Apple's Passbook app and the systems that lie underneath it offer another way to interact with your customers.

Passbook Passes are stored on a user's iPhone and can include different types of both static and dynamic information ... including the ability for the pass to be aware of its own surroundings to let the iPhone owner know when they are near a place where they can use their pass.

Static passes - such as discount vouchers - can be distributed via email (as an attachment or link); inside an app; or via your own website (as a simple link).

Dynamic or custom-generated passes - such as membership cards or tickets - can be served up via your website when users log in, or via targeted email campaigns.

For big business, boarding passes and event tickets are an obvious way to use this new system.

However, for small business these passes can offer a much more affordable way to show that you're at the cutting edge of technology without having to go to the significant expense of creating your own custom app.

Passes can include barcodes and other information to help you track usage (using anything from a point-of-sale optical scanner to the good old exercise book), and of course if you want to automate things further we can build you an app that can sit on an iPhone or iPad at your sales counter to scan and update a live database.

Creative Intersection are now offering simple generation of Apple Passbook Passes for as little as $199 (+GST) including artwork and uploading to your website. That's less than you might spend on printing discount vouchers every quarter!

Tap here with your iPhone to download an example of our Passbook Passes.

Of course, we can also create bigger solutions that integrate with existing POS systems or customer databases - so give us a shout so we can see what might work best to help you improve your customer retention and satisfaction.