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CLIENT: North Coast Petroleum

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North Coast Petroleum (NCP), a petroleum delivery company, sought to improve its service provision by integrating real-time data and technology into their day-to-day activities. Our team developed an app called “Tanker Buddy” that aims to deliver a quantum leap forward in their service delivery.


Using a paper-based system for recording deliveries and driver information can lead to several inefficiencies and risks for the business.


As with any paper-based system, in-field operators (in this case, drivers) are responsible for manually recording and documenting information related to the delivery. This can lead to errors in recording data, like misinterpreting hand-written notes or incorrectly inputting numerical values. It is also time-consuming and doesn’t allow the data to be accessible to supervisors in real time. Not to mention the inefficient data analysis from a broader business perspective.


By creating the Tanker Buddy solution, NCP can streamline several tasks including data entry, scheduling, and communication, resulting in significant time and resource savings. Tanker Buddy is a digital solution designed specifically for the logistics industry, which allows for easy and efficient data entry, real-time scheduling, and streamlined information between drivers, dispatchers, and customers.


The Tanker Buddy solution can free up employee time that can be used to focus on more important duties. With real-time data and technology at their fingertips, NCP's logistics professionals can make informed decisions and respond quickly to changing conditions, improving the overall efficiency of their day-to-day operations.



Our team has developed a middleware and edge-computing solution that integrates with handheld field staff devices to collect real-time data. This technology has been seamlessly integrated with ORTEC's Inventory Routing solution to create a powerful app that is designed to help drivers manage their trips and inventory more efficiently in the fast-paced logistics industry.


The app's middleware connects to ORTEC's Inventory Routing solution to access and update user and trip datasets in real-time. This provides drivers with a wealth of data to optimise their routes and manage their inventory. The app provides drivers with detailed trip information, including pickup and delivery schedules, allowing them to make informed decisions for more efficient trips.


Offline capability

The app is equipped with an offline capability that allows users to access its features and functions even in remote areas, ensuring that they can always view their schedules and information while on the go. With this feature, users can stay productive and up-to-date, even when internet connectivity is not available. Once the users come back to an area with internet connectivity, the app automatically synchronises any necessary data, ensuring that they have the most updated information at all times.


Location based rules

The app offers location-based rules to help optimise productivity and reduce time wastage. With this feature, the app can detect if a driver is in the wrong location and alert them to take corrective action. This helps prevent drivers from wasting valuable time on incorrect routes or stops, improving overall efficiency.


PDFs & Print friendly ability

The automatic PDF report generation allows users to output professional-looking reports quickly, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally, the print-friendly PDF schedule enables users to print out their schedules and trip plans quickly, which is particularly helpful in situations where digital access is not feasible or temporarily prohibited.



The ‘Tanker Buddy’ solution is a game-changer for North Coast Petroleum and the logistics industry, providing logistics managers and drivers with a powerful tool to streamline their operations and improve their performance. This app and its features it will aid users in staying organised, saving time, and enhancing their productivity.



“The team at CI were exceptional, grasping complex concepts and showing patience and innovation at every turn.”

Ben Osborne, Information Systems & Technology Manager

North Coast Petroleum