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CLIENT: SureText

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SureText is an iOS app developed specifically for healthcare professionals to exchange secure messages, clinical images, and treatment plans. The app is designed to cater to the unique requirements of clinicians who need to adhere to Australian regulations governing the handling of patient information. SureText ensures compliance with these regulations while also offering the convenience and speed of smartphone messaging, enabling healthcare providers to provide timely care to their patients.


The idea for SureText originated from the firsthand experience of our client (Dr Alex Chaudhuri), a medical professional himself, who identified a gap in the market and a pressing need for a secure messaging app for clinicians in Australia. 


With the growing importance of patient privacy and the increasing use of technology in the healthcare industry, conversations between clinicians frequently occur via text messages to make referrals, send patient information like photos and discuss treatment plans, which are all protected clinical information governed by Australian regulations. However, using conventional messaging apps for such purposes poses a significant risk of data breaches and non-compliance. 


As a medical professional, Dr Chaudhuri realised the need for a messaging app that could enable secure communication while also complying with Australian regulations, and thus the idea for SureText was born. 


With a clear focus on addressing the privacy and compliance concerns of clinicians, the development of SureText was driven by the desire to provide a secure, user-friendly, and efficient messaging app that could cater to the unique needs of the healthcare industry.


The solution we engineered and developed involves end-user apps (initially iOS) connecting through an API-driven server which coordinates messaging and account management. 


An administration backend allows for account suspension and vendor-originating messaging (sending messages to one, several, or all users from the administration panel).


SureText offers various features that enable clinicians to practise safe and secure messaging, including:


  • Proprietary end-to-end encryption in both rest and transit to ensure that the content of messages is protected from interception or unauthorised access.
  • Storage of all content on Australian-only servers that are subject to Australian privacy laws, providing an added layer of security and regulatory compliance.
  • Automatic deletion of all messages from user devices and servers after one week to ensure that sensitive patient information is not retained unnecessarily.
  • Temporary capture and storage of photos within the app only, which prevents inadvertent sharing or uploading of clinical photos to generic cloud servers and ensures the separation of clinical photos from other camera or photo apps.
  • Access control to the app through the use of an iOS device passcode, such as Face ID, to prevent unauthorised access and maintain the privacy of sensitive patient information.


Given that SureText was initially a startup business with a limited budget and a goal of delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as quickly as possible, our team recommended using the ciSUITE: Rapid Deployment platform with several customisations to create a Proof of Concept (PoC).


Upon the successful completion of the PoC phase, we continued to develop the MVP, still built on top of our ciSUITE: platform and officially launched the iOS app soon thereafter.


As the product gained traction and the user base expanded, we have continued to develop and add new features to the platform. Eventually, we migrated the platform from the original ciSUITE: licensed version to one that is wholly owned by our client, which provides greater control and flexibility for future commercial agreements.



Message a colleague securely with peace of mind with the proprietary end-to-end encryption in rest and transit.



End-to-end encryption is not the only legal requirement when it comes to exchanging digital clinical information. Other requirements involve storing such information as part of a medical record, in specific ways and for specified durations which SureText takes care of.



Users are required to register their work email address so that all messages can be archived there. SureText servers automatically send the messages to the user’s email account every day, using encryption in transit. Depending on the hospital’s or clinic's medical record system, these messages can be downloaded from email and filed electronically, or printed and filed as hard copy.


Obtaining consent from patients is an essential part of any medical practice, as it ensures that patients understand where and who has access to their information and the risks and benefits of medical treatments.


In today's digital age, one convenient way to obtain consent is through e-signatures. This process allows patients to electronically sign to give consent using their healthcare providers tablet, or smartphone, rather than having to physically sign a printed form. Not only is this method more efficient and time-saving for both the patient and healthcare provider, but it also provides a secure way to store and access that consent. E-signatures can also offer an added layer of transparency and accountability, as they provide a clear record of when and where the patient provided their consent.


The SureText messaging platform is taking off within the Australian medical community and several improvements are on the current roadmap, including adding more platforms and deeper integrations for collaboration.



"Ian and his team at Creative Intersection have been very responsive. App updates and fixes occur quickly. My project was managed proactively.

Beyond coding, Ian’s counsel has been helpful in terms of data architecture and security. Importantly for startups, they provide value for money and have shown consideration for costs by offering flexible payment options to keep the project running smoothly."

Dr Alex Chaudhuri, Founder