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CLIENT: WorkSafe Guardian

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WorkSafe Guardian offers a professionally monitored safety alert app that makes lone worker safety easy and reliable. Designed specifically for at-risk lone workers, this innovative solution provides real-time safety monitoring and emergency response coordination.

With WorkSafe Guardian, You’ll Never Work Alone!



Creating a safe working environment for lone workers is a complex and critical challenge that requires diligent attention and proactive measures. Lone workers face unique risks due to their isolated work conditions, with limited access to immediate assistance in case of emergencies or injuries. The potential delays in raising alarms or receiving help can significantly increase the severity of the situation. 


As such, it is imperative for companies to prioritise the safety of their lone workers by continuously evaluating and updating their safety measures to adapt to changing work environments and potential risks. In a digital space this includes implementing effective communication channels, providing 24/7 support to workers and leveraging external technological solutions. By finding the right digital tool to address these challenges, companies can fulfil their duty of care and create a safe working environment that protects the well-being of all employees, including those who work alone.



The WorkSafe Guardian app is a comprehensive solution designed to provide the support required and enhance the safety of at-risk lone workers. Through the app, users can connect to a dedicated 24/7 security monitoring team, and initiate alerts based on their own or their company's predefined instructions. The app also has the ability to track the user's location in real-time with their permission, which is shared with the monitoring team during active alerts.


One notable feature of the app is the welfare timer, which allows users to set a specific time duration. If the set time passes without the user manually ending the timer, a safety alert is triggered, automatically notifying the monitoring team. This feature ensures that lone workers are safeguarded and prompt action can be taken by the monitoring team in case of any emergencies.


In addition to the app, WorkSafe Guardian has integrated other devices into their platform, including wearable devices such as Bluetooth buttons or independent duress devices with SIM cards. These devices can interact with the app, further enhancing the safety and convenience of lone workers.


In order for the app to be responsive to critical situations, it was essential for it to be able to function in the background. Although both iOS and Android impose restrictions on background usage, there are allowed use cases that WorkSafe Guardian makes use of. Through a combination of location monitoring, notifications, and alarm settings, the app continues to operate in the background when needed, while also minimising battery usage and maintaining location accuracy.


Several custom implementation items were included in this application to enhance its functionality. Custom buttons were designed and implemented in the app to prevent accidental triggers, ensuring that users can confidently use the app without any unintended actions. Additionally, to prioritise user privacy, location data is only forwarded to the platform if an alert is triggered, ensuring that sensitive information is not shared unnecessarily. The integration of Flic 2 Bluetooth buttons offers users an alternative means of triggering alerts, providing flexibility in how they interact with the app. Furthermore, on iOS devices, voice-activated alerts using Siri have been implemented, adding an additional layer of accessibility and ease of use to the overall solution. 


As the technology landscape constantly evolves, our team on request explores and evaluates new products and integrations to enhance the system. If they meet the client’s criteria and are fit for purpose, they are carefully integrated into the system. In addition, regular maintenance and updates are performed to ensure that the app remains current and provides the most up-to-date solution to users. Overall, the commitment to ongoing innovation and maintenance ensures that the app remains a reliable and effective solution for users.


Geofence messages & reminders

The geofence messaging and reminder feature allows users or their companies to set up personalised virtual perimeters on a map, complete with days of the week, times, and customised message content. Then by leveraging GPS location tracking and background services, the app automatically triggers notifications when users enter or exit a geofenced area, delivering the relevant message content in real-time.



The app offers a convenient feature that allows users to save their most frequently used welfare timer locations and setups for future use. These saved welfare timers can be easily shared with colleagues through a QR Code, which can be scanned and imported into their own devices. This makes it effortless for users to set up their welfare timers and share them with others for streamlined coordination.



WorkSafe Guardian has established a strong reputation as a trusted leader in the field of lone worker safety. With a wide range of clients, including large organisations, government departments, and not-for-profit organisations, all relying on the WorkSafe Guardian safety apps and services. These businesses are confidently ensuring the safety and well-being of their lone workers with WorkSafe Guardian providing a reliable safety solution that instils confidence.