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Help Your Employees to Work Safely from Home

Let's face it:  Most businesses aren't fully "in the cloud" and most rely on some amount of local office technology such as file servers ("shared drives") and accounting systems that can't be moved to the cloud.

For example, most accountants may be using Quickbooks, Xero, or MYOB to handle the vast majority of their client work ... but they still have a file server where they save email attachments or downloaded documents from the ATO portal for their clients. If they send their staff home, how will they access those files ?

Even if you have a VPN in your office to allow your staff to connect from home, what happens if the power goes out or - more likely - if the bandwidth on your office internet connection is inadequate to handle the load of all employees at the same time ?

That's where we come in ... we can take your existing hardware (file servers etc) and physically place it into our hosting racks inside a secure environment that is guaranteed to provide high bandwidth and uninterrupted power so your staff can keep working.

Doing it this way, there is no arduous migration process with which to deal - and you can be back to work within hours/days and not weeks/months.

You're essentially "in the cloud" without actually having changed anything significant in how you work or how you access your office resources.

How Does This Work ?

Hosting Racks - Creative Intersection Business Co-location

One of our business co-location racks in Eight Mile Plains

If you have a business of any size that has in-office servers (we usually call them “on-premise” or “on-prem” servers) and your workforce needs to decentralise to work from home because of the COVID-19 situation, we'd like to help!

One of the biggest problems with doing so can be the lack of bandwidth available from your office, so your staff end up unable to work effectively and frustration builds until their productivity suffers greatly.

As a business, we provide and manage hosting from a professional data center (in the suburb of Eight Mile Plains, just south of Brisbane), and have done so for nearly 20 years.

Aside from normal website hosting, we often provide hosting as “co-location” services, meaning that your own server can be plugged into our infrastructure and very quickly give you a world-class connection to the outside world for your own hardware.

We can provide secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) hardware which will let your workers connect to network drives , Remote Desktop access, or any other services that you have installed on your office infrastructure (except for WiFi and wired internet connections, of course)

We can manage this work directly with you, or work with your IT provider to let them use their extensive knowledge of your unique needs to get it done very quickly.

Calling All IT Support Technicians

We are offering this service as either a managed or unmanaged co-location service ... so you can keep your relationships and technical support business intact and just leverage our flexible presence in the data centre to place your clients' servers into the environment.

We can arrange escorted on-site access or remote hands 24/7 in case your clients' systems need a bit of hands-on love.

Bulk discounts apply too, so let us know what you need.


Is This Expensive ?

We are one of the fortunate businesses that can continue to operate very well during the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdowns (and activated our continuity plans in early March 2020 to keep ahead of trends) ... so we want to do our bit to help struggling businesses keep going as well.

To that end, we are offering this new temporary business co-location service at extremely reduced rates.

Every business is going to be a little different (you may have just a single small "box" for your file server and your IT guy may deliver it to us with a VPN already configured), but as an indication ... the average business server (rack-mount or desktop form-factor) with 200GB of traffic per month will cost $270.00 (+GST) per month (compared to $600.00 +GST for our standard 2RU co-location hosting).

We charge per month, in advance, and our minimum term is just 1 month.

If our technicians are not required to configure your hardware (i.e. if your IT consultant takes care of that) then we won't charge a set-up cost either.