Keep It Simple Sites
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Creative Intersection has been creating complex, Content Managed business websites for nearly 2 decades and has been asked many times by other local businesses if we could create more basic websites that were simpler, less expensive, and still "got the job done".

To answer those constant requests, we have now created "Keep It Simple Sites" ( to help streamline the design and creation of simple business websites, to keep costs to a minimum whilst offering the same high level of service and workmanship enjoyed by our many larger clients.

If you are a fellow small business owner, you'll find we probably have a few things in common:

  • We are a local business, just like you.
  • We understand the value of a dollar, and that much of the time only "essential" expenses are worthwhile expenses.
  • We know we have to look after our neighbours if we want to be part of a local business community.

We would love the opportunity to help you get your business online, so please give us a call or fill in the Contact Us form on by clicking here.