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The majority of our work consists of planning, designing, developing, testing, and releasing mobile application and online application.
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ApreSkin 3D Skin Consultant App

The new ApreSkin iPad app uses a realistic 3D model for its graphic user interface. It enables automated localization on the model to streamline data entry during a skin consultation as well as direct attachment of photos.

This enables accuracy in recording the medical record to prevent possible pitfalls of trying to relocate the correct lesion at a later date or downloading the correct photos from a digital camera into the correct patient record. The data entry is fully customizable to use the terms and phrases that you like to use as well as your common diagnoses and procedures.

The app also features customizable templates for surgical and laser procedures as well as a PASI template. For security and privacy, the data on the app is encrypted and protected by a pin number.

LiveShot App

Every event has hundreds of moments and thousands of memories. See what's happening in every corner of the room with the LiveShot photo sharing app.

The LiveShot app means every special, candid moment is captured and instantly available for everyone in one convenient album.

You can also make your event more fun by streaming everyone's photos live onto a big screen, TV or computer with the live slideshow function.

These can be viewed remotely, or downloaded later.

LiveShot makes it quick and easy to sign up and create your event. You can start collecting and contributing photos straight away. Just invite people to download the LiveShot app and give them your event code.

Great for:
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Expos
  • Charity days or galas
  • Birthdays and family events
  • Reunions and school formals

Reports2Go iPad App

In their own words:

The Catapult BI Reports2Go iPad app is a Business Intelligence app which allows the sharing of IBM Cognos 10 BI Reports and other types of shared reports and documents from the cloud.

The Catapult BI Reports2Go app enables reporting and analysis content to be distributed easily within your nominated workgroup or appropriate group.

Catapult BI Reports2Go can be accessed anywhere, anytime, by anyone with appropriate authorisation from an Apple iPad, ensuring that everyone in your world gets the information they need to do their job effectively.

It has been designed especially for the use of the very easy to use, highly visual and interactive Cognos 10 Active Reports.

Cognos 10 Active Reports are an outstanding vehicle for your workgroup to view all relevant and important information, ensuring they have strong insight into workgroup performance, customers, inventory, sales and other vital business dimensions.

Patching Pirate iOS App

Fantastic New Pirate Themed App to Assist Patching For Amblyopia:

This is a world first app aimed at making patching fun. You will have been asked by your eye doctor to patch one of your child's eyes to improve the vision in the other eye. Developed by an Orthoptist with 30 years' experience patching children, Patching Pirate will encourage and motivate your child to patch. It also records patching hours so your eye doctor can better follow progress.

Children thrive on praise and rewards; they will love showing the results of their hard work to family, school friends and their clinician.

Also included is an Eyecare Professional & Patient login section (of the accompanying website) which, among other things, allows practitioners to monitor patient compliance.

Ramsay Health Care mySpecialist App

In their own words:

Ramsay Health Care has launched a myspecialist app enabling users to search quickly and easily through a database of over 5,000 specialists accredited in Ramsay Hospitals throughout Australia.

Users can search for specialists across a wide range of specialties including orthopaedics, cardiology, psychiatry and obstetrics or pinpoint the exact type of specialist they are after in a range of subspecialty categories or special interest areas.

The myspecialist app uses location-based technology which allows a user to find the specialist closest to your current location or to the location of choice.  It also links to the online profile of the specialist if one is available on the hospital website.

The app can also assist users to locate Ramsay Health Care hospitals, find out more about the Company or register for updates from the Ramsay Twitter account.

For general practitioners (GPs), in addition to the myspecialist search facility, the app has a special feature which enables a GP to search for upcoming GP education activities in nearby locations.  Ramsay Health Care facilities run over 200 RACGP approved educational events for GPs across the country each year. GPs using the app can read about the event and register their interest in attending all within a matter of seconds.

The myspecialist app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android Handset and Tablet users, and we have also created a version specifically for the Ramsay UK division.