Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Already have a website, but no-one can find you on the web ?

It's a common story, and one that can often be helped by a process called "Search Engine Optimisation", or SEO for short.

SEO involves having experts analyse the technical side of your website to ensure its design and architecture comply with the many rules used by most search engines to read and remember (or "cache") the content of your site.

In addition to the technical side of SEO, which really just ensures the search engine can "see" your site, the written content of your site itself is also extremely important.

When well-written, concise, descriptive text is "read" by a search engine during one of its regular visits, it is scored and ranked using mathematical formulae that aim to arrive at a "relevance" rating for that content. That "relevance" is based on what might be interesting or important to a real person searching for a particular term using the search engine.

Creative Intersection's technical team and copy-writing experts can help.

We have special packages available right now for "initial website SEO assessment" as well as "ongoing SEO (re-assessments and adjustments).

For just $480 (+GST), our team will analyse and audit your existing website and provide you with a report of what should be changed to increase your Search Engine rankings ... and, in most cases, we can even make some of the changes for you as part of the package !

Contact us for a chat about Search Engine Optimisation of your website.