Video Production

Aussie Made: Support, Strategic Consultancy and Development

With expertise in script-writing, directing, production, editing and delivery, we are thoroughly qualified to compose and organise all aspects of your next video production. Our previous projects include promotional and educational videos, CD-delivered advertising videos, web-based video, animations and effects. Many of our projects call for delivery via more than one medium, a requirement we are more than qualified to fulfil.

Our complimentary expertise in CD/DVD mastering, graphic and web design, gives us the ability to design labelling and interactive interfaces, integrate the video with other media or edit for different delivery formats, creating fully designed and distributable video packages.

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UnitingCare Health

The scope of this video project was to create a widescreen promotional piece that would appeal to a wide target audience for the purposes of garnering interest in careers at the various hospitals of UnitingCare Health (UCH). The video featured footage of the various Queensland hospitals of UCH, as well as attractive imagery and features of life and work at each of the locations.

The project was delivered internationally, through DVD and interactive CD media. The DVDs and CDs were given away free to recruitment prospects and the video formed part of the display stand itself via a large plasma screen.

With strong support from graphic and print elements, such as a 2 metre tall exhibition display stand produced in coordination, leaflets and information brochures (all designed and produced by Creative Intersection), the project was deemed to have been highly successful.

The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane

This project called for the production of a video to celebrate and promote the 30th anniversary of The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

Roberta Falconer, The Wesley Hospital's Marketing Manager says:

"Our objective was to create a promotional tool which could be used for our 30 year celebrations and for general corporate promotions. We needed the video to show the significant clinical achievements and state-of-the-art, future-driven technological aspects of the Wesley, as well as the full range of services offered at the hospital.

Strong treatments in editing, cinematography and music were strictly enforced in order to accurately promote the direction and goals of the Hospital. The cutting-edge nature of the project called for the production design of futuristic titles, overlays and interfaces.

Secondary deliverables required by the project included interactive CD-ROM's and DVD's to hand out to key stakeholders. These elements contained contact details, sponsorship information and medium-specific versions of the video.

The end result was a terrific success and a fitting visual tribute to 30 years of clinical innovation and care.

A BIG thanks for another job well done. Once again CI delivered a great concept that wowed the crowd."