The Problem with Appster and Buzinga

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Appster and Buzinga failed for a reason ....

Mobile apps (and the provision of mobile app development services) are a licence to print money, right ?! ... so why have these two massive Australian app development companies (Buzinga and Appster) entered into Administration in the space of just 18 months ?

Check out our blog post on why this keeps happening and what you can do if you have gotten caught up in the Appster insolvency and are having the same problems as a lot of other dissatisfied Appster customers with getting your app finished and out to the market.

The good news is that you're not alone.

Included after our analysis of the situation there are some tips on what you can do.



As an Appster client, what can I do ?

How do you pick up the pieces if your app project is unfinished or locked away about to be auctioned off by an insolvency administrator ?

Start by getting your hands on your source code and every other piece of work product for which you have paid (if you have paid something for work, you should be entitled to at least that portion of work performed) and go and see a couple of reputable development companies to get their opinion.

Look for established businesses with a solid track record and a focus on delivering good work. You'll recognise them because they aren't busy telling you how many awards they have won and how many million dollars their clients' app businesses have raised in venture capital funding. They won't be aloof and will actually see that helping you realise your vision is rewarding for everyone involved.

With any luck, they can leverage what has already been done ... and if not, it often is a more straight-forward shot to build a solution if the owner of the Intellectual Property (IP) - that's you - have had some experience with shaping the business already.

And just maybe you can turn that terrible experience into something positive, and have a stronger app business because of it.

Need Help ?

There are a lot of excellent application developers in Australia who do not outsource / offshore their work and who want to do a great job for you.

We are, of course, one of those companies ourselves - so if you'd like to talk to us about where you're at with your app idea simply reach out via our Contact Us form or hit up our Managing Director, Ian Exaudi via Linkedin.